Introducing the Rocket Range

If you love the retro style and head-turning “wow” factor of vintage American aluminium caravans but would prefer not to deal with the hassle and expense of sourcing and restoring one, a  brand new  caravan from the Rocket range is the answer to all your wildest dreams. All Rocket Caravans are imported as a fully lined finished shell ready for fit out to customer specification in Australia.

With the Rocket Range, you get the best of both worlds – vintage looks with modern design!

Every Rocket  in the  range is built to the highest possible standards of workmanship, including the inside, where durability counts. The build technique is inspired by traditional aircraft construction which makes the finished caravan very light and strong. This in turn provides excellent towing characteristics and robustness for years of use.

All models feature strong TIG-welded aluminium-framed construction, tough galvanised steel chassis, polished aluminium riveted cladding, L.E.D lighting and a host of other standard features, including the use of  eco-friendly materials such as sheeps wool insulation and recycled bottle under floor insulation.

Special body conversions can be accommodated thanks to a flexible build system. This means there are a range of additional extras that can be included in the build either to make that dream touring caravan or stand-out promotional or catering caravan. Options include such features as full opening side/s or rear, LED backlit signage and rear entry doors.

Every  Rocket  is custom made, so you can be sure that there will be no other retro style caravan like yours anywhere in the universe!

MINI Rocket

The Mini Rocket has compact dimensions and easily fits into a single car space. With a shell weight of 450kgs and with over a 1000kg payload, it is easily towed by most vehicles. Ideally suited for commercial ventures where space is a premium and manoeuverabilty counts.

MINI Rocket Plus

If you need more space but still the flexibility of easy parking and manouverabilty the Mini Plus has all the benefits of the Mini but with an extra 300mm in length and 150mm in width.

Rocket 18

Our largest single axle model with even more space at 5360mm long and 2060mm internal height. Rear or side entrance door options are available. All internal lighting is provided by low energy-consumption 12V LEDs, and some unusual lighting options are available including colour change strips on the hatch or under van itself – on all Rocket models!

Rocket 20-23

Like all our Rockets, they’re very light for their size, and remarkably stable to tow. Welsh sheep provide the eco-friendly wool to insulate the walls of our Rocket models, and the inner walls are lined with hygienic and durable satin-silver anodised aluminium – the perfect complement to the external bodywork, including the handmade, multi segmented end caps

Starship 26

This is the largest standard size Rocket with a generous 6.3m internal length and 2.06m internal height . Suitable for any commercial venture or enough space for that dream touring van! Like all the Rocket models this van will definately draw people in and make you stand out from the crowd!

More Details

Mini:                $48,950 inc gst
Mini Plus:       $52,950 inc gst
Rocket 18:      $63,990 inc gst
Rocket 20:      $75,990 inc gst
Rocket 23:      $80,990 inc gst
Rocket 26       $89,990 inc gst
Full lift up side/s
Deeper Hatch
Double sided electric LED backlit roof sign
Custom colour change LED programmable lighting packages
Additional doors
Additional windows
Battery box
  • Galvanised steel chassis
  • Riveted polished aluminium exterior skin
  • TIG-welded aluminium inner frame
  • Front and side windows. Outward opening, double glazed tinted units
  • Anti-snake hitch
    Braked axles
  • LED rear lighting
  • Roof hatches
  • Side/Rear entrance door with fold out step and security latches.
  • Standard size hatch supported on gas struts, opposite entrance (commercial)
  • 4 x corner steadies and winder
  • Gas locker box
  • Spare wheel
  • Lambswool wall insulation
  • Fully insulated bonded sandwich floor construction
  • Satin-finish anodised aluminium internal wall cladding
  • LED interior lights
  • Altro Easylay slip resistant flooring in black

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