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Where are Rocket Caravans built?
Rocket Caravans are designed and built to exacting standards in a specialist manufacturing facility in Worcestershire England.
How long does it take for a Rocket to arrive in Australia?
Time from placement of order to delivery is approximately +/- 12 weeks.
What different size Rockets are available?
Rocket Caravans currently manufacture 6 different standard size models in the Rocket Range. They are the Mini, Mini Plus, 18ft, 20ft, 23ft and 26ft.  Please see the “Rocket Range” drop down on the menu bar to view the different models. Please enquire if you require a custom size Rocket.
Are the Rockets ready for registration in Australia?
Yes, the Rockets arrive in Australia being fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and ready for registration.
Are Rocket Caravans covered with a warranty?
Yes, both materials and workmanship are covered against failure or defect by a comprehensive 12 month factory warranty, unless specific items are covered by seperate manufacturer guarantees.
Are spare parts available in Australia?
Yes, Rocket Caravans hold a selection of spare parts in Australia.
What makes the Rockets so shiny?
Rocket Caravans are made from polished aluminium and if required also available in matt finish.
Are the Rockets limited in their design?
No, special body conversions can be accomodated due to the flexible build system and custom sizes are available.
How do I keep a Rocket clean?
A regular wash, using clean new sponges and car wash detergent, will maintain the look with a full polish possibly once a year depending on the environment the Rocket is kept. A number of commercial aircraft aluminium polishes are on the market. Be aware that once you start polishing the whole van has to be done!
Are Rocket caravans strong enough to carry a lot of weight?
Yes, for example the Rocket 23 can carry a maximum load of over 2 tonnes for a gross weight of 2500kgs.
Where can I see one of these awesome Rockets?
Please contact Rocket Caravans Australia and we will be able to direct you to the nearest Rocket.
Do the Rockets arrive from the U.K fully fitted out?
No, in the case of commercial vans, we import the bare caravan (fully lined but no counters,shelves etc) in order that the customer can organise the interior to their satisfaction. This is a cost saving and eliminates any confusion. Touring vans can come  complete but all appliances are to be fitted in Australia in order to comply with Australian specifications or as a bare van. Please contact us for specific details on all Rocket variations and inclusions.  
What deposit is required and is the Rocket insured?
60% on placement of order with the balance prior to shipment (approx 6 weeks after order). The Rocket is fully insured in transit until arrival at Australian port when it then becomes the customers risk.

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