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A global icon, produced for Retro Addicts. 
  • retrobar3Rocket Caravans are British designed and made to exacting standards in a specialist manufacturing facility in Worcestershire, England.
  • Rocket Caravans takes all that is great about Fifties and Sixties American caravan design and packs it into a stylish-but-strong lightweight aluminium body, purpose-built to meet the needs of the 21st century.
  • These stand-out caravans are customised for promotions, catering, touring or anything else you require!
  • Rocket Caravans Australia provides you with direct access to these unique caravans so you can realise the dream of owning your very own Rocket!

Reflect your style in a Rocket today.

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We can supply quality Rockets all over Australia.

  • We have used our Rocket Caravan as a coffee store for our Ski and Snowboard shop in Cooma. The business it generates has blown us away. We have paid for the van 3 times over since we purchased it.
  •  Affordable & Innovative
  •  Amazing.

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Rocket Caravans are the best solution for your personal or business needs.